Product Overview

AMEDEO is a decision support systems for chemoinformatcs work that uses the most advanced tools available in Data Science (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) and makes them accessible to non-experts and serves as an idea generator to speed up your lead optimization cycle.

AMEDEO will LEARN about your data, BUILD and SELECT the most predictive models, and make clear RECOMMENDATIONS as to what compounds to make next.

AMEDEO can take into account your multiple wishes as it recommends your next steps.

Just answer a few simple questions about your goals and AMADEO will make recommendations for Biologics or Small Molecules.

AMEDEO runs on top of either SARvision|SM or SARvision|Biologics.



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"Currently, the tools for managing peptide data in a robust manner lag far behind those used for small molecule data. Recently, Hansen and co-workers described an informatics tool for handling biopolymer data such as peptides and biologics. This tool fills an important gap in peptide data management and analysis. "

Diller et al. Computers in Biology and Medicine, vol. 92 (2018)