Sarvision | Biologics

Product Overview

SARvision | Biologics is a desktop application that fills the gap that exists in biologics informatics. The program provides a platform to read-in and organize data on biological polymers. The user has a smart spreadsheet that simplifies work with biopolymers including peptides, proteins, nucleic acids, chemically modified residues and unnatural amino acids. The program provides a number of tools to relate sequence to activity.

SARvision | Biologics is used in peptide, antibody or RNA based research. Work with unnatural or chemically modified residues including cyclized structures, Highlight active compounds with heat maps, Focus on regions of interest in your sequence, Look for point mutations causing large changes in activity, Load sequences and perform alignments automatically or manually, Examine hundreds of sequences efficiently.

SARvision | Biologics can be integrated with AMEDEO to provide access to Machine Learning tools that can be useful for prediction of activity or other parameters and help in the design of better compounds. 

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"Currently, the tools for managing peptide data in a robust manner lag far behind those used for small molecule data. Recently, Hansen and co-workers described an informatics tool for handling biopolymer data such as peptides and biologics. This tool fills an important gap in peptide data management and analysis. "

Diller et al. Computers in Biology and Medicine, vol. 92 (2018)