A number of additions to SARvision|Biologics to aid you in your discovery of Sequence Activity Relationships:

We have improved Smiles recognition functionality. SARvision|Biologics will now read beta-amino acids and identify macro-cyclic cross-links such as Lys-Asp, Lys-Glu, Cys-Cys and simple staples.

We have added structure mouse overs for smiles columns so that you can now visualize the entire structure of you peptides.

Split your workspace vertically or horizontal so that two visualizations can be viewed side by side on the same screen.

Added two new functions, to count the number of macrocyclic structures and identification of the position of ring closures

When working with Antibodies it is now easy to change the reference sequences inside the template editor.

A vertical scroll on the logo plot allow the user to zoom in to resolve low frequency residues in the plot.

Copy and paste for multiple contiguous cells in the DataTable such that data can be easily copied into other programs such as MS EXcel.

You can edit any residues that are unrecognized or only partially recognized by SARvision|Biologics, directly in the table.