ALTORIS, has developed and customized a number of solutions for life sciences informatics. We form strong partnership with our users, and it is with their guidance that most our products are perfected. We keep collegial collaborations with other software companies and strive to integrate our products with other best in class complementary applications. ChemAPPS is Altoris' web store for chemical information management.

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ChemAPPS is Altoris’ web store for life sciences research informatics products. We are dedicated to provide effective solutions that allow scientists to cope with the deluge of data generated in therapeutics discovery projects.

Please note that all our products are now distributed by Patcore in Japan and Schrodinger in the rest of the world. We know these very strong partners will enhance the value of our applications to our customers.




SARvision|SM is a desktop application to assist you in the visualization, mining and organization of chemical data.



SARvision | Biologics

SARvision | Biologics is a desktop application that fills the gap that exists in biologics informatics for peptide and protein engineering research.




ChemSABRE is a unique software tool for Substituent Analysis of Bioisosteric Replacements and Enumeration.

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